About the book

What Should We Do? captures the essence of Joe Crisera’s Pure Motive Service system, which thousands of his clients have used to increase sales and customer satisfaction, as well as to shift their mindsets so they could go from just scraping by to unlimited prosperity.

Pure Motive Service is a sales system that puts clients first by making them aware of all the possible benefits they could receive from a service professional and then skillfully assisting them in selling themselves on the solution that is right for them. It is a principle-centered system that, when implemented correctly, can achieve:

  • • Better customer connections
  • • More customized solutions
  • • Higher revenue and ticket averages
  • • Higher closing rates
  • • Fewer callbacks

At the center of Joe’s system are a series of specific actions that help service industry professionals create meaningful connections with their clients and provide those clients with a series of options that will allow them to choose exactly what is right for them so they will stay customers for life.

About the Speaker

Joe Crisara was once a struggling home service contractor with a failing business. He assumed the only way to create higher value was to work for a lower price. But when things looked most bleak, Joe had an aha! moment. Not only did it change his life – it skyrocketed his business. Today, Joe helps thousands of home service pros transform their customer service and sales through his “Pure Motive Service” approach.

Speaking Topics

Ethical Sales Strategies: Find out how “Uncle Joe” broke free from the cycle of low revenue and frustrated customers by adopting an ethical sales approach that prioritizes customer satisfaction, higher-value solutions, and long-term relationships.

Designing Your Service Membership and Warranty Program

Wow Customer Service

Call-by-Call Management Mastery Training - Creating Virtual Sales Presentations on Zoom

Turn Your Dispatcher Into an Accountability Partner and Your Customer Service Team Into a Revenue Generator

Office Staff Training: From Overhead to Revenue Generating Engine


“From $471,000 of debt to completely debt-free within 5 years, Joe Crisara has achieved success he never dreamed possible by applying timeless success principles. He knows how to make others successful by magnifying their income as service providers.”

— Jack Canfield, international bestselling author of The Success PrincipleTM

“For every home service salesperson competing on price: you’ve got to read this book. In just the first few pages, you’ll get paradigm shifts that can change the trajectory of your life.”

— Amanda Holmes, Keynote Speaker, co-author of the bestseller, The Ultimate Sales Machine

“Joe understands how to transform home service professionals into respected sales leaders who master the customer service experience.”

— Jeb Blount, Founder and CEO of Sales Gravy, Keynote Speaker, Author of Fanatical Prospecting

“What is the No. 1 reason service businesses fail? It is the lack of customers or sales. If you want to succeed, you must master the art of persuasion and influence. These are the skills you can learn in What Should We Do? by Joe Crisara.”

— Kurt Mortensen, author of Maximum Influence, Persuasion IQ, and The Laws of Charisma and founder of the podcast Maximize Your Influence