Jack Canfield, International Best-selling Author of The Success PrinciplesTM

“From $471,000 of debt to completely debt-free within five years, Joe Crisara has achieved success he never dreamed possible by applying timeless success principles. He understands how to make you successful by magnifying your income as a service provider.”

Now you can win clients and double your income with confidence.

What Should We Do? is a down-to-earth primer on persuasion, selling, presentation, and closing. It's a principle-centered system full of boots-on-the-ground anecdotes and eye-opening insights. With Joe's passionate coaching, you'll soon be seeing successes beyond your wildest imagination.

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Tommy Mello, CEO of A1 Garage, Host of the The Home Service Expert podcast

“It's not just about selling more. It's about selling better, building trust, and delivering value to customers. And the techniques aren't just theoretical. They're actionable and relevant.”

The perfect team training tool

A step-by-step sales approach that ensures your business thrives

How to grow profits and increase value today

Easy summaries that help keep your company on an upward trajectory

Sample dialogues with clients so you can go into every situation with confidence

The key question you need to be asking

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